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	  C                         C7 
The moon a silky donut in the sky 
     F                              Fm 
Your eyes were like a donut in your eyes 
    C             C#dim             Dm                G 
And I noticed you didn’t change the sheets since last time... 
      C       C7                            F                         Fm 
Thick saliva, curdled milk, it’s been three hours and I’m swoony-eyed still 
                   C                               C7 
These beautiful mustardy couples live with mustard legs 
               F                   Fm 
Eating salt on bread, and peppered eggs 
Everybody has pursed lips 
Everybody’s dressed so hip 
The happy sky sings drip, drip drop, drip 
My heart stops and the record skips 

This is a really great bridge 

spoken No, this is a really great bridge. 

            C             C7 
A big brave dog smiles at me 
        F                  Fm 
Through blustery rueful avenue full of people 
                        C           C7 
And he cannot see the moon, a silky donut in the sky 
     F                      Fm 
Your eyes were like a donut sleeping in your eyes 
      C                         C7 
And I... saw the daybreak and I saw this strange green light 
F                     Fm 
And I left him at the café this morning 
C                         C7 
And I walked to the train, and I felt pretty strange 
F                Fm 
Then I came home, and I wore a stranger’s shirt to therapy 
C            C7   F 
What does it mean? 
Fm                   C 
...Sparkly... wizard 

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