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Apart From That Acordes

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Apart From That


E   Abm  Dbm   Dbm B  

A    D   E 

E                 Abm            Dbm       Dbm B 
There's a big fat ugly man on the corner 
A                 D               E         D 
and his big fat ugly eyes are going blind 
E                  Abm                Dbm          Dbm B 
His big fat ugly brain has stopped providing him 
A             D              E 
with life, apart from that he's fine 

D                E 
apart from that, apart from that 
D                 E 
apart from that, apart from that 
Dbm            B 
ohhh, these are bad times 
Dbm             B     E  A   D 
ohhh, such a bad time oh oh 

E               Abm             Dbm          Dbm B 
He told a tale of great bravado planning 
A                D            E              D 
from ships ashore to coast to crooked coast 
E                     Abm                Dbm          Dbm B 
a thousand men at all waiting upon his heavy world 
D            E  D   E 
and don't think and boast 
D          E        D          E 
and don't think so  and don't think so 
D          E 
and don't think so 

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