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How She Could Sing The Wildwood Flower Acordes

Emmylou Harris



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How She Could Sing The Wildwood Flower

Áño: 2008 - Álbum: All I Intended to Be

C                               F 
How she could sing the Wildwood Flower 
      C                          G7 
The orphan girl he would love so long 
       C                                 F 
In the end he knew she'd been his finest hour 
    C               G7          C 
And all he has left of her is a song 

He first saw her standing by a cabin door 
                                       G7         C 
Her song was ringing out in a voice so strong and sure 

To the lonesome valley he'd bring her there to be his bride 
                                 G7             C 
Where they would live and work together side by side 

She was his sunshine she was his moon and morning star 
                                 G7            C 
His words would ring true on the chords of her guitar 

But he was driven and lost to her for days and days 
                                 G7            C 
Till the lonesome valley finally drove her far away 

Repeat #1 

We all cling to as the years keep rolling on 
                        G7                   C 
One single promise of a love that's past and gone 

And that lonesome valley we all walk it by ourselves 
                               G7            C 
Where the Wildwood Flower is a story we will tell 

Repeat #1 

How she could sing the Wildwood Flower 
    C            G7          C 
All we have left of her is a song 

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