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Moonlight Serenade Acordes

Ella Fitzgerald



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Moonlight Serenade


A7  E6          Gdim 
I stand at the gate  
        F#m         F#m7+      Fdim  B7 
And the song that I sing is of moonight 
    E        E7/13- 
I stand and I wait  
          E7           E6          C#7 
For the touch of your hand in the June night 
  E    Cdim     E   F#m   Cdim      B7  B7/13- E B7/13- 
The rose   s are sighing  a moonlight serenade 
A7   E6        Gdim 
The stars are aglow,  
        F#m           F#m7+         Fdim    B7 
And tonight how their light sets me dreaming 
    E            E7/13- 
My love, do you know  
           E7            E6            C#7 
That your eyes are like stars brightly beaming 
   E    Cdim E  F#m Cdim   B7        B7/13-       E 
I bring you and sing you a moonlight serenade 
A7M                   Am6 
Let us stray til the break of day 
   Ebm7   G#7         Bm7 
In love's valley of dreams 
     C#7    C#m6  Eb7    C#m6 
Just you and I, a summer sky 
  Eb7        Bm6      C#7        F#m7      B7/9- 
A heavenly    breeze kissing the trees 
A7  E6          Gdim 
So don't let me wait  
F#m        F#m7+            Fdim  B7 
Come to me tenderly  in  the June night 
    E          E7/13- 
I stand at the gate  
       E7        E6          C#7 
And I sing you a song in the moonlight 
   E   Cdim   E  F#m Cdim   B7    B7/13-   E 
A love song, my darling, a moonlight serenade 

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