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Ella Fitzgerald



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Áño: 1956 - Álbum: Sings the Rodgers and Hart Song Book

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	  Intro Verse:) 
D      F#m7    Bm7   A7     D     A7     G/B   A7   F#m7         Bm7/5- 
Summer journeys to Niag'ra and to other places aggravate all our cares;  
       Em7       A7/9- 
We'll save our fares. 
D      F#m7  Bm7     A7     D       A7      G/B     A7    
I've a cozy little flat in what is known as old Manhattan; 
C9            B9  Bb9    Em7    A7/9- 
We'll settle down right here in town. 
D            Fdim    Em7              A7/6    D9 
We'll have Manhattan,   the Bronx and Staten Island, too; 
      Fdim  Em7    A7     A7/5+  D Fdim  Em7  A7 
It's lovely going through the zoo. 
D         Fdim Em7          A7/6    Bm7 
It's very fancy    on old Delancy Street, you know; 
G7  F#7 F7   E7      F7  E7            A7          G/B    A7 
The subway charms us so    when balmy breezes blow to and fro. 
D  Am7      B7         Em7              A7/6      Dmaj7 
And tell me what street   compares with Mott Sreet in July? 
F#m7   Fdim     Em7    G/B   A7/5+ F#m7 
Sweet pushcarts gently gli - ding by. 
B7  Fdim  B7  Em7      G/B      Gdim Edim     F#m        Bm7      E9 
The great big city's a wond'rous toy     just made for a girl and boy. 
D            Fdim    Em7     A7/6 A7/9-  D6   Fdim   Em7   A7 
We'll turn Manhattan into an isle  of  joy. 
We'll go to Yonkers, where true love conquers in the wilds, 
And starve together, Dear, in Childs'. 
We'll go to Coney and eat baloney on a roll; 
In Central Park we'll stroll  
Where our first kiss we stole, soul to soul. 
And "My Fair Lady" is a terrific show, they say; 
We both may see it close someday. 
The city's clamour can never spoil the dreams of a boy and goil; 
D            Fdim    Em7     A7/6 A7/9-  D6  Fdim  Em7  A7/9-  D6 
We'll turn Manhattan into an isle  of  joy. 


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