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Love Is The Tender Trap

( Sammy Cahn and Jimmy Van Heusen)

	  Intro: B7 E6 Fdim F#m7   B7 

B7    E6                          Fdim 
Ya see a pair of laughing eyes 
    F#m7                    B7 
And suddenly you're sighing sighs 
You're thinkin' nothin's wrong 
    A              Am7        C#7    F#7 
You string along, boy, then snap 
Fdim      A    C#7    Am7  
  Those  eyes, those sighs 
Fdim      A           Am7  Cdim   E 
They're  part of the tender    trap 
B7          E6                               Fdim     
You're hand in hand beneath the trees 
    F#m7                        B7 
And soon there's music in the breeze 
You're actin' kind of smug 
   A             Am7       C#7   F#7 
Until your heart just goes whap 
Fdim      A    C#7    Am7  
 Those  trees, that  breeze 
Fdim    A   Am7    B7   Cdim E 
 They're  part of the tener trap 
E            E7      A              Am7/13  Cdim     C#m 
Some starry night, when her kisses make you tingle, 
C#7              A               Am7/9    Cdim    C#7   F#7 Cdim B7  
She'll hold you tight and you'll hate yourself for being    single 
B7   E6                   Fdim 
And all at once it seems so nice 
    F#m7                         B7 
The folks are throwin' shoes and rice. 
     E7/9                  A          Am7    C#7   F#7 
You hurry to a spot that's just a dot on the map 
   Fdim            A            C#7         Am7  
You wonder how,  but it's too  late now  
Fdim    A      Am7     B7       Cdim    B7   E 
  You    fell in love and love is the tener trap 

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