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Augusto Villela

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The X Aspect

(John Petrucci)

	  Intro 1

Em – Em - A - A – D - D - GG - D 
Em – Em - A - A - D - D - G - G - D 
Em - Em - A - A – D - D - G - A7 
D - D - G - B - Em - Em - A - A 
Intro 2

DDD - Am - D - DD - Em 

Betrayed my blood 
To save my son 
A hopeless choice to make 
      D                             Am 
But who am I, if not the one who's meant to keep him safe? 
F                           C     Am 
Is trust and loyalty still justified 
F     Dm            C      Em 
If I deny him of a better life? 


D - DCDD - D - Em 
Gabriel has always been 
       Bb             Am 
The strength I call upon 
But nothing breaks  
A father's will 
Bb               C 
To do what must be done 
Am              Bb 
Should I turn my back on him 
F                 Am           Bb 
Abandon all our plans for revolution?     
        Gm         C           Am    Gm   C 
Where hope and freedom die by morning light 
Dm                             Bb                     A 
Evangeline, I swore to you to love and guide our son 
Dm                               Bb               C 
Destiny has shown its face, and now the time has come 
Am            Bb 
Desperation blinds me 
       F                       C               D 
And through these bloodstained eyes I see the light 
   Bb             Am              D 
A better life is worth this sacrifice 


DGA - DGD - GA - D

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