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Hymn Of A Thousand Voices

Intro: E A E F#m 
       E A B11 A 

E           A 
Out of the shadows 
E                 F#m 
One by one they came 
E              A             B 
To shed their light upon his moment 
Of doubt and pain 

E            A 
A thousand voices 
E                     F#m 
Ring out through the night 
   E           A               Bm 
A symphony of mercy for their savior 
Too tired to fight 

G#m        A  
And as the grew 
B       G#m          C#m 
A thousand hearts beat true 
F#m                  E/             B 
Then like a glowing beacon in the dark 
           A              E  A 
Hope came shining through 
           E    F#m 
Shining through 
           E    A B11 A 
Shining through 

      G               Em 
The savior found his voice 
           D4            D  
And all together they rejoiced 

G         G6 
Glorious sound 
C            G 
Guide her tonight 
C             Bm 
Out of the darkness 
A Bm C   D4   D 
Into the light 

G         G6 
Merciful song 
C             G 
Set her soul free 
C       Bm  Am 
Unbind the chains 
Am7/G  F Em    D4   D 
Of     endless sleep 
G Am    Bm C   D 
Choirs  sung   high 
C              C#º 
Grant her new life 

G           D#m      Em 
Make me a vessel of gold 
Come guideless grace 
D                       C 
Music has shown her the way 
Bm  Am     G 
She lived today 

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