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Damn These Dreams

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A                             D                                   E                              D 
I remember hearin' Hank on the radio, the first time it felt like fallin in love 
A                                             D                                   E                              D 
I bought a cassette, stole some Reds from Dad, and me and ol' Junior just burned it up 
                A                           D                                E                  D 
I was hooked like a fish, every birthday wish was guitars and records 
           A                                            D 
Now honey I know you miss me, I feel it when you kiss me,  
   E                                     D                    A 
Trust me when I say every goodbye hurts 

A Well, damn these dreams, playin my heart just like a guitar string D E pull me away from you and everything I really need A Well, damn these dreams, chasin that same old whiskey melody D all up and down these Nashville streets E It's hard to look true love in the eye and leave A A D E D A Well, damn these dreams
A D E D Well, I remember hearing my song on the radio, the first time it felt like some kinda drug A D E D Out there on the road playing show after show, me and the boys just burnin' it up A D E D It was all fun and games 'til the little onces came, cause it makes my heart bleed A D E D A When I gotta drive away and listen to em say, Hey daddy, why you gotta go, please don't leave repeat Chorus Well, damn these dreams Well, it's in my heard and it's in my soul, and just like you, I never can let go These wheels just ghotta roll Cause I remember hearing Hank on the radio The first time it felt like fallin in Love.

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