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Gimme A Little Kiss

(Roy Turk)

G              Em7   C         Am7 
Gimme a little kiss, will you, huh 
C               Cdim  Am7        G 
Whadda ya gonna miss, will you, huh 
G9     Edim  C    Cdim    C 
Gosh oh gee, why do you refuse 
D9      Edim  G      Cdim   G 
I can't see what you gonna lose 
G              Em7   C         Am7 
Gimme a little squeeze, will you, huh 
B7               B7/F#    Em   G7 
Why do you wanna make me blue 
  C7M/9            Cdim           Am7            Edim 
I wouldn't say a word if I were asking for the worl 
    G6              Edim           Am7           D7/9 
But what's a little kiss between a fella and his girl 
G              Em7   C         Am7 
Gimme a little kiss, will you, huh 
         C       Am7    D7 Cdim G 
And I'll give it right back to you 

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