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Far Away in Australia Acordes

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Far Away in Australia

	  G				C		G	 
“Sweetheart I’m bidding you fond farewell, 
I will be yours some day. 
Em		D		C		G 
I’m bound for a new land, my fortune to try 
		D		G 
And I’m ready to sail away”. 
G D “Far away in Australia, Em D C Soon will fate be kind Em D C G And I will be ready to welcome at last D G The girl I left behind”.
“Oh, you can’t leave me”, this poor maiden said, “I will not let you go”. “But I most leave you”, he gently replied, “if for only a while, you know”. (Chorus) “Now whether in success or in failure, I will always be true, And proudly each day, in that land far away, I’ll be building a home to you”. (Chorus) Daily she waits at the old cottage gate, Watching the whole day through, Then one day a message from over the sea, And I’m hoping these words are true. (Chorus, with variation:) “Far away in Australia, Now has come the time When I am ready to welcome at last The girl I left behind”. J. Chaves Rosa [email protected]

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