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Dear Mrs. Applebee Acordes

David Garrick



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Dear Mrs. Applebee

	  Dear Mrs. Applebee:David Garrick. 
#22 in UK and top of the charts in Europe 
in 1966. 
Dear Mrs. Applebee.. 
                             F           D 
I gotta get something off my chest, Mrs. Applebee, 
                     D7         G 
you’ve got the wrong idea about me, Mrs. Applebee. 
    D              C                D   
You told Marie she couldn’t go with me because you  
C                G  D 
heard that I was bad. 

Mrs. Applebee, please hear my plea.. 
                               F            D 
Don’t you know that anyone can change, Mrs. Applebee? 
                  D7            G 
And for Marie I’d even swim the sea, Mrs. Applebee. 
    D               C 
I’m begging you, to please be kind, 
  D                C                       G  D          G 
I want a chance to change your mind, about me..Mrs. Applebee. 


Dear Mrs. Applebee.. 
                                 F              D 
I know that I once made some bad mistakes, Mrs. Applebee.. 
                  D7             G 
but that was long before I loved Marie, Mrs. Applebee. 
     D                C 
I’ll make you glad as you can be, 
D                      C              G   D         G 
and you’ll be proud to see Marie with me..Mrs. Applebee. 

Mrs. Applebee..Mrs. Applebee...(Fade.) 

A sixties smash from Kraziekhat. 

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