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Oh You Pretty Things Acordes

David Bowie



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Oh You Pretty Things


INTRO: F#  G#  F#  E  D.  F#  G#  F#  E  D  D6  D  D6  D  D6  D  D6… 

G                       D 
  Wake up you sleepy head 
Emsus4                    Em 
Put on some clothes shake off your bed 
G                                      D 
Put another log on the fire for me 
A                                                    E 
I've made some breakfast and coffee 
G                                    D     
Look out my window, what do I see 
  B7                                   Em                       F           C 
A crack in the sky and a hand reaching down to me 
             A7                              D 
All the nightmares came today  
            D7                                     G            C#dim  D  D#dim  D#  B  F#sus4  F# 
And it looks as though they're here to stay 
G                     D 
What are we coming to  
Emsus4                   Em 
No room for me no fun for you 
G                        D 
I think about a world to come 
                     A                                       E 
Where the books were found by the Golden Ones 
G                         D 
Written in pain written in awe 
          B7                           Em                                     F        C 
By a puzzled man who questioned what we were here for 
             A7                           D 
All the strangers came today 
            D7                                        G 
And it looks as though they're here to stay 

Chorus 1: 
G            Bm                Em 
Oh you pretty things  
                  D                                         C7                                 G 
Don't you know you're driving your mamas and papas insane? X2 
Let me make it plain  
D                                       C                  G 
Gotta make way for the homo superior 

Look out at your children 
Emsus4             Em 
See their faces in golden rays 
G                                          D 
Don't kid yourself they belong to you 
A                                       E 
They're the start of the coming race 
The earth is a bitch 
We've finished our news 
B7                               Em      F           C 
Homo sapiens have outgrown their use 
              A7                          D                                                       G 
All the strangers came today and it looks as though they're here to stay 

Chorus 2 

OUTRO: F#  G#  F#  E  D  F#  G#  F#  E   
       D  D6  D  D6  D  D6  D  D6 
       C#  C#6  D#  D#6  F#  C# 

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