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David Ball


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         Cm7    F9     Bb 
Wherever you go we go amigo 
      F7                                    Bb 
Been there through thick and thin, down and out and back again 
         Cm7    F9     Bb 
Wherever you go we go amigo 
        F7                               Bb 
On the road that leads us to the setting sun 
      Bb                  F7          Bb 
Some people think you're just an old guitar 
      Bb              F7                Bb 
That may be true but that's not all you are 
    Bb7                        Eb 
No matter where I go or what I do 
C7                             F7 
I can always find a friend in you 
(Repeat chorus) 
    Bb         F7         Bb 
We got into a mess in Abilene 
     Bb                 F7            Bb 
She was the prettiest thing I'd ever seen 
     Bb7                                  Eb 
The song you played made her forget that night 
 C7                                F7 
That she was the sheriff's lonely wife 
(Repeat chorus) 
        Bb                F7            Bb 
Well I think it's time to hit the road again 
     Bb                  F7                Bb 
Lets see what's waiting for us 'round the bend 
 Bb7                                Eb 
Saddle up old friend we're leaving town 
  C7                               F7 
Drifting with the clouds, bumming around 
(Repeat chorus) 


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