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Tripping Billies (live) Acordes

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Tripping Billies (live)

	  Tripping Billies 
Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds 
Live At Luther College 
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A D5 Csus2 B A D5 D/F# G e|-------------------------------2--2--| B|---2----3----1---------2----3--3--2--| G|---2----2----0----4----2----2--2--0--| D|------0-----------4-------0----0--0--| A|-0---------3----2----0---------0--2--| E|-------------------------------2--3--| Example of how you can play the verse.
Intro D/F# G D/F# G Bm A D/F# G D/F# G A Bm x2 La La La La Hey Ah La La La La La La Verse A D5 Csus2 B5 We were above you were standing underneath us we A D5 D/F# G were not yet lov-ers A D5 Csus2 B5 Dragons are smoked bumblebees were stinging us I was A D5 D/F# G soon to be cra-zy Chorus 1 G Bm A D/F# G A Bm Eat drink and be merr-y A Bm A D/F# G A Bm For to-morrow we die G Bm A D/F# G A Bm Eat drink and be merr-y A Bm A D/F# G A Bm For to-morrow we die (Silent) 'Cause we're trippin' billies Solo 1 Verse chords once through. verse 2 A D5 Csus2 B5 We're wearing nothing, nothing but our shadows, A D5 D/F# G shadows falling down on the beach sand. A D5 Csus2 B5 Remembering once, out on the beaches A D5 D/F# G we wore pineapple grass brace-lets. Chorus 2 G Bm A D/F# G A Bm So why would you care A Bm A D/F# G A Bm To get out of this place G Bm A D/F# G A Bm You and me and all our friends A Bm A D/F# G A Bm Such a happy human race Intro Solo 2 Verse chords once through. verse 3 A D5 Csus2 B5 We are all sitting legs crossed around a fire A D5 D/F# G My yellow flame, she danc-es. A D5 Csus2 B5 Tequila drinkin, oh our minds will A D5 D/F# G wander to wonderous plac-es. Chorus 2 Chorus 1 Solo 3 Repeat Chorus chords 3 times without vocals Chorus 1 Chorus 1 Intro

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