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She Cuts Hair

Capo en el 2º traste

C                       F                        
She works 'cross the river from my house 
Am                      Em 
I work at getting to know her 
F                       C               F               G 
Over the bridge to the lonely town, to walk it's not that far 

C                       F 
Some days I make it my mission 
Am                      Em 
To drive right passed her salon 
F            C       F          G 
I prefer to worship her from a car 

Em                  C                   F 
I am going to the Jeans West acid-wash sale 
Am                           G          F 
'Cause I know that she'll be there 
          C     F 
She cuts hair 
          C     F 
She cuts hair 
Am        G       F               G 
And acid-wash is what she likes to wear 
                C    G   Am  F 
When she cuts hair 

C    G   Am  F 

C                       F 
Dreaming 'bout the places we would go 
Am              Em 
It'd be like I won the lotto 
F               C               F  G 
I would have tickets on myself 

C               F 
If I offered my love and kisses 
C               Em 
Would she come at me with her scissors? 
F               C               F       G 
Love's declaration could be bad for my health 

Em                              C               F 
A mutual friend tells me, "Aww, she won't go for you Daz!" 
Am                      G  F 
But I say I couldn't care 
                C   F 
'Cause she cuts hair 
         C   F 
She cuts hair 
Am              G         F               G 
You could almost taste the peroxide in the air 
                C    G   Am  F 
When she cut hair 
C    G   Am  F 

        C     G         Am       F 
And all I've got to show 
        C       G                                F  G     
Is a five dollar photo from the night club window 

F G F G F 

C F C F C F G 

C                       F 
The sun is shining as I open my door 
Am                              Em 
The neighbours wave as they water their lawns 
F       C 
I had to tell her 
F               G 
I knew it was time 

I'd go to the salon 
F                               Am               
And there I would wait for her lunch hour 
She wouldn't be late 
F               C       F               G 
My mouth went dry as I practiced my lines 

As the town-hall clock struck three 
Em              G 
I delivered my soliloquy 
She wouldn't give the time of day to me  
                G       F 
But she gave my pride 
                C       F 
A short back and sides 
                C       F 
Short back and sides 
Am              G 
She gave my pride 
F               G 
A short back and sides 
                C       F 
Short back and sides     
                C       F 
Short back and sides 
Am              G 
Now when I pass her way 
F               G 
I'll always try and hide 

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