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falling down Acordes

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falling down

	  VERSE 1: 
E                         A      B 
Beach baby nightly puking up her trend. 
E                      A         B 
Unlimited bank account feeds her demand. 
E                      A            B 
Tarot cards prophesy a means to our end. 
E                          A          B 
As big a miracle as you're willing to spend. 
E                        A        B 
Crime spells driven by a frenzied craze. 
E                        A        B 
Young starlets taken and put in a cage. 
E                              A           B 
Your children and mine burning incense and sage. 
E                        D 
A thousand truths come a thousand ways. 
E       A 
And the world 
E       A 
And the world 
E       A        E  A    E 
And the world is falling down. 
E A B (x2) 
E                        A            B 
Junky, chunky punk chick sweating her chillls. 
E                         A           B 
Beauty queen mother still poppin them pills. 
E                         A          B 
Youngest daughter already bought and sealed. 
E                            A          B 
So much for the need we were looking to fill. 
E                               A       B 
Dreams of dad revealing lots of pent up rage. 
E              A         B 
Sighted aliens cover the front page. 
E                                  A         B 
Your scarred inner child trying to prove her age. 
E                         D 
All the stupid games they insisted we play. 
C G E (x4) 
C G B 
E A B (x2) 
E A (x2) 
(End on E) 


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