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Bubbly (acoustic) Acordes

Colbie Caillat



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Bubbly (acoustic)

(Colbie Caillat/Jason Reeves)

Capo en el 7º traste
	  Submitted by: [email protected]   

My first tab of this song has a . But if you're lazy to buy a capo,    
worry because I tabbed this song in standard stuning for you to play easily without tuning    
strings of your guitar. This sounded identical to my previous work.   

Tuning: Standard EADGBe   

Intro: Will you count me in?  
A-A/G#-D-A (x2)   

Verse 1:   
A                       E 
  I've been awake for a while now   
D                             A   
  you've got me feeling like a child now   
A                             E   
  cause every time i see your bubbly face   
D                       A   
  I get the tinglies in a silly place   

It starts in my toes   
and I crinkle my nose   
              D            A   
where ever it goes i always know   
that you make me smile   
please stay for a while now   
just take your time   
where ever you go  

Verse 2:   
A                           E   
  The rain is falling on my window pane   
D                   A   
 But we are hiding in a safer place   
A                    E   
  Undercover staying dry and warm 

D                          A   
  You give me feelings that I adore   

(Repeat Chorus 1)   

A              D   
  But what am i gonna say   
E                           Bm A  
  when you make me feel this way   
I just hmmm   

(Repeat Chorus 1)   

Interlude: Dadadada...   
A-A/G#-D-A (x2)   

Verse 3:   
A                       E   
  I've been asleep for a while now   
D                            A   
  you tuck me just like a child now   
A                              E   
  cause every time you hold me in your arms   
D                          A   
  I'm comfortable enough to feel your warmth   

It starts in my soul   
and I lose all control   
                   D                A   
when you kissed my nose, the feeling shows   
cuz you make me smile baby   
just take your time now   
               D  A   
holding me tight  

Outro: Cool plucking x3   
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A E/G# D9 A e|---------9--------|---------9-------|---------7-------|---------5-------| B|-----------10-----|-----------9-----|-----------7-----|-----------5-----| G|-----6--------6---|-----9-------9---|-----7-------7---|-----6-------6---| D|---7---7--------7-|-6-7---7-------6-|---7---7-------7-|---7---7-------7-| A|-0----------------|-----------------|-5---------------|-0---------------| E|------------------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|
A E D A Wherever, wherever, wherever you go (Repeat) A E D A oh wherever you go, always I know A E D A(hold) cause you make me smile even just for a while

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