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Long Way To Nowhere

At seventeen all i wanted to be 
         F    C 
Was gone long gone 
The only way i would have stayed 
           F     C 
Was a graveyard stone 
I had a plan that i could mention 
         F                  C    D 
But the road is paved with good intentions 

G F C Forgiveness if you please G F C Let it rain down on me G D G Cause i've come a long way to nowhere
G Now when i'm asked did i learn in the past F C I say more or less G And do i know which direction to go F C Well i must confess G If i thought i knew the answer F C D I am sure i'd have taken my chances (Chorus) G The irony is that i'm dying to be F C Gone long gone G And you know if i could i'd go back F C Home sweet home G Sifting through the mixed emotions F C D I couldn't change if i took the notion (Chorus) G Seventeen, all i wanted to be Was gone long gone

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