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Áño: 1991 - Álbum: Dream Police

	  tuning:  standard  E A D G 
this is the bass tab and guitar chords.  Archive as you see fit. 
when coming across (X/Y)   x=guitar   y=bass 
     You didn't know what you were looking for, til you heard the voices in 
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G D-------------------------5-5-| A-----------------------------| E----------------3--3--3------| your ear. first verse G D Em A7 Am7 D--------------------------------------------------------------| A-----------------5--4-5-6-7---------------------------------5-| E--3---3-----3---------------------5---5------5----5---5--7----| Hey, it's me again Plain to see again Please can I Em D D Bm7 D G D--------------------------------------------------------------------| A--------------------5--5-3--3-2--2----------------------5---4-5-6-7-| E--0-0---0-0---0-0------------------5---5-3----3----3----------------| see you everyday? I'm a fool again Em Am Am7 Em D D-----------------------------------------------------------------| A-----7------7-----7----------------------------5---------------5-| E---------------------5--5--5------5------5--7-------0-0---0-0----| I feel in love with you again Please can I see you everyday? D D D D D-------------4---4------| A----5-7----7-------7--5-| E------------------------|
chorus, played twice each time (Em) You didn't know what you were (A7)looking for til you (C) heard the voi(C/B)ses in your (C/A) ear (G) (B/F#) second verse Words don't come out right I try to say it oh so right I hope you understand my meaning Hey, it's me again, I'm so in love with you again Please can I see you everyday? chorus bridge 1 (D) I remember every word you say (D/C) I remember voices in my head (Bm7)I remember every word you said (D/C) chorus-instrumental bridge two (D) (D/F#) (D/A) (Gm) lead- Your voice is, cool voices warm voices, it was back- I heard your voice (Bb) (C) (D) (D/F#) (D/A) (Gm) l-just what I needed too; cool voices warm voices your voice is, b- Words don't seem right (Bb) (C) (D) (D/F#) (D/A) l-but its just what I needed for; warm voices your voice is b- Love is the (Gm) (Bb) (C) (D) l- cool voices, it was just what I needed too; your voice is b-word. I (D/F#) (D/A) (Gm) (Bb) l- cool voices warm voices, it was just what I needed too, b-heard your voice. (Bb) l- just what I needed to, just what I need ed repeat chorus to fade questions, comments, reactions to [email protected] -I'm here, I'm queer, I play 5-string bass

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