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Rose & Rodeo Acordes

Brendon Walmsley

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Rose & Rodeo

Capo en el 5º traste
Intro (not perfect, but sounds ok) 
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D G A D e--2h3p2--0---2h3p2-------------------0h2--- B-------3--3--------3-0---------------3----- G--------2--2--------2--0-2-4--2-4-6--2----- D--0----------0-----------------------0----- A------------------------------------------- E-------------------------------------------
D D/F# G She watched him ride wild horses knowing that she shouldn't go A Em Asus A To follow around that young cowboy the one they called Rodeo D G Asus A You're not to be seen with the likes of him her father didn't want him around D D/F# G G/F# Em A For Rose was his only daughter the darling of the Downs D D/F# G A dance had been planned for that evening Rose cried as she left the homestead A Em A She could feel her heart slowly breaking from the words her father had said D G A She just sat by the window and listened to the travelling country band D D/F# G G/F# Em A When Rodeo walked 'cross the dance floor and held out his hand G A D May I have this dance pretty lady G A Forget what the others will say D D/F# G G/F# People might think that we're crazy Em A But I'd have it no other way G A D As long as we're always together G A There's one thing that only we know D D/F# G G/F# This love will last forever Em A D Rose and Rodeo G - A - D - G - A - D - D/F# - G - G/F# - Em - A - D Now it's been many year's since that evening that old hall's not used anymore Except for an old man who's walking 'cross that old dusty wooden dance floor The children all laugh through the window the danceband's not there to be heard But her eyes light up as he holds out his hand she still remembers those words Chorus D D/F# G G/F# Their love will last forever Em A D Rose and Rodeo

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