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Guitar man

Áño: 1972 - Álbum: The Best of Bread

Tono:  G Más
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	  Introdução  ( G  C  D ) 2X 
G                        C                            D	       
Who draws the crowd?  Who plays so loud? Baby it's the guitar man. 
G                       C                           D  
Who's going to steal the show? You know baby its the guitar man. 
            Em                      C                                          
·	He can make you love.  He can make you cry. 
·	        Em                        A 
       He will bring you down and he'll get you high.!  
       C7+                       Bm7                     Am7                   
       Something keeps him going miles and miles a day to find 
       another place to play. 
G                     C                              D                          
Night after night, who treats you right? Baby its the guitar man. 
G                C                         D 
Who's on the radio? You go to listen to the guitar man. 
       Em                    C                     Em                      
When hecomes to town and you see his face. And you think you 
might like to take his place. 
        C7+                        Bm7                   Am7                 
       Something keeps him drifting miles and miles away, searching 
       for the songs to play. 
    Am           E/G#         C6/G                        
You listen to the music and you like to sing 
  D/F#        G              D/F#            Em                 E 
A long.   You want to get the meaning out of each and every song. 
        Am              E/G# 
And you find yourself a message and some 
C6/G               D/F#              E 
words to call your own and take them home.  
(Inst.verse to *-!) (G C D Intro 2xs) 
C7+                            Bm7                   Am7                     D 
Something keeps him moving, but no one seems to know what itis that makes him. 
         Am              E/G#           C6/G               D/F#               
Then the lights begin to flicker and the sound is getting dim. 
          G             D/F#        Em                    E 
The voice begins to fal ter and the crowds are getting thin. 
       Am             E/G#             C6/G        D/F#             E  
But he never seems to notice he's  just got to find another place to play. 
C (gab) E     4xs 


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