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Hot Afternoon Arizona Desert Acordes

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Hot Afternoon Arizona Desert



Arizona Desert, three in the afternoon 
No place for me to be, twenty-eighth day of June 
I see lizards crawling, some things that are not there 
Sun is shining so damn hot. Lord, I can't breathe this air 

D I'm on my way from L.A., and back to Tennessee A I'm stranded in the desert, feels like the devil's got me F Em F Em Convertible is slowing down, looks like a Cadillac F Em D A redhead is driving, a blonde is sleeping in the back A A blonde's sleeping in the back
A She throws me the keys, I put my guitar in the trunk A Would you like to drive? She said, "I'm about half drunk" A She handed me a can of beer, so cold it hurt my hand A Oasis in the desert, Lord, I've found the promised land
D So I struck out down the highway with my big foot on the gas A My prayers have all been answered, now my bad luck's in the past F Em F Em Looking at that redhead, I can see she ain't no slouch F Em D And that blonde in the backseat, come on now and shut my mouth A Come on now and shut my mouth
A Right down this hot rock silence, after a while A That's when I first noticed that redhead's wicked smile A Why don't you pull off the road, son? We'll find us a shade A Maybe when that scorching sun goes down, better time can be made
D Well that's how I spend the afternoon, 28th day of June A You can bet that's not one I'll be forgetting soon F Em F Em By the time the sun went down, me and the redhead wrote a book F Em D When I looked around, Lord, the blonde was waking up A Hey, the blonde was waking up
Outro A (Arizona desert, three in the afternoon) oh my God A (Arizona desert, three in the afternoon) A (Arizona desert, three in the afternoon) A (Arizona desert, three in the afternoon)

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