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Detroit City 2 Acordes

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Detroit City 2

	  (G)I  want to go home, I want to go (C)home, 
(G)Oh  Lord, I (D)want to go (G)home, 
Last night I  went to (D)sleep in Detroit (G)city, 
And I  dreamed about those (D)cotton fields and  (G)home, 
I  (C)dreamed about my mother,  
dear old  (G)papa, sister and brother, 
And I  (D)dreamed about that girl, 
whose been  waitin' for so long, 
I want to go  (G)home, I want to go (C)home, 
(G)Oh  Lord, I (D)want to go (G)home, 
Home folks  think I'm (D)big in Detroit (G)city, 
From the  letters that I (D)write they think I'm  (G)fine, 
But by  (C)day I make the cars, 
by  (G)night I make the bars, 
If  (D)only they could read 
between the  lines, 
I want to go  (G)home, I want to go (C)home, 
(G)Oh  Lord, I (D)want to go (G)home, 
I rode a  freight train (D)north to Detroit (G)city, 
After all  these years I've been (D)wasting my (G)time, 
I'll  (C)take my foolish pride, 
on a  (G)southbound freight and ride, 
Go on  (D)back to the ones, 
?'ve left waitin' so far  behind, 
I want to go  (G)home, I want to go (C)home, 
(G)Oh  Lord, I (D)want to go  (G)home. 


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