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A Clean Song

	  Bob Saget: A Clean Song (old English Folk Song)
A CLEAN SONG (Old English Folk Song) by Bob Saget
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D D D A7 A7 A7 A7 E---|-------|-------|-------|------|-------|-------|-------| B---|-------|-------|-------|------|-------|-------|-------| G---|-------|-------|---0---|------|-------|-------|-------| D---|-0-4---|-0-4---|-4---4-|-2----|---2---|---2---|-2-4-2-| A-0-|-----0-|-----0-|-------|----0-|-4---0-|-4---0-|-------| E---|-------|-------|-------|------|-------|-------|-------| D D D A7 A7 A7 A7 D E-------|-------|-------|------|-------|-------|-------||---|| B-------|-------|-------|------|-------|-------|-------||---|| G-------|-------|---0---|------|-------|-------|-------||---|| D-0-4---|-0-4---|-4---4-|-2----|---2---|---2---|-2-4-2-||-0-|| A-----0-|-----0-|-------|----0-|-4---0-|-4---0-|-------||---|| E-------|-------|-------|------|-------|-------|-------||---||
D D D A7 There was an old farmer who sat on a rock A7 A7 A7 D Stroking his whiskers and shaking his fist D D A7 At his neighbours who sat on their ricks A7 A7 A7 D Teaching their children to play with their kite-strings D D A7 And marbles in the old days of Yore. A7 A7 A7 D D Along came a lady who looked like a decent young lady D A7 And walked like a duck A7 A7 A7 D D Said she discovered a new way to bring up the children D A7 To so and to knit A7 A7 A7 D The boys in the stables were shovelling up contents of D D A7 stables left after the hunt A7 A7 A7 D the car man was feeling a nice piece of straw D D A7 from the stable cleaning the walls A7 A7 A7 D D In came the dairmaid to play with his dog in the derry D A7 where she did belong A7 A7 A7 D If you think this is dirty well you're fucking well wrong.

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