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Spanish Harlem Incident Acordes

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Spanish Harlem Incident

	  From 'Another Side Of Bob Dylan' 1964. 

Intro: G C G 

Gypsy (C)gal, the hands of (G)Harlem 
Cannot (C)hold you to it's (G)heat 
Your (C)temperature's too hot for (G)taming, 
Your flaming (C)feet burn up the (G)street. 
Into reach of (E)your rattling (D)drums. 
(C)Let me (G)know, babe, C (D)about my (G)fortune 
Down along my restless palms. 

Gypsy (C)gal, you got me (G)swallowed. 
I have (C)fallen far (G)beneath 
Your pearly (C)eyes, so fast an' (G)slashing, 
An' your (C)flashing diamond (G)teeth. 
The (C)night is pitch (G)black, (D)come an' (G)make my 
Pale face (E)fit into (C)place, ah, (G)please! 
(C)Let me (G)know, babe, C (D)I'm nearly (G)drowning, 
If it's you my lifelines trace. 

I been (C)wond'rin' all about (G)me 
Ever (C)since I seen you (G)there. 
On the (E)cliffs of your wildcat (C)charms I'm (G)riding, 
I know I'm 'round (E)you but I (C)don't know (G)where. 
You have (E)slayed me, you have (G)made me, 
I got to laugh halfways of my heels. 
(C)I got to (G)know, babe, C (D)will you surround (G)me 
So I can know if I'm really real. 


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