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900 Miles From My Home Acordes

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900 Miles From My Home

Capo en el 2º traste
, A Major key 

This is made by ear, so to speak, and there will be some mistakes. Feel free to contribute to the tab :) 

          C               Am 
Well Iâ??m down here on this track 

       F              C 
Not a shirt upon my back 
        Am                              G 
I will sail to you this sailing that I own 

          C              Am 
Yes, I'll feed the ?? I took 
   F              C 
But ??  ??  ?? ?? ?? 

           F             G             C 
Lord, Iâ??m nine hundred miles from my home. 

If my own lady she says so 
Iâ??ll railroad no more 
Sidetrack this engine ?? to roam. 
Yes, Iâ??m giving it my coal 
Iâ??ll gladly giving it all 
Cause I'm nine hundred miles from my home. 

If I get down by the ?? 
And the river still does run 
Yes, and everything I see turns to foam 
Even down on the ocean side 
Cause he donâ??t wait just to pay my bribe 
Cause I'm nine hundred miles from my home. 

Oh, Mary donâ??t you moan 
Donâ??t you weep all about 
Oh, Mary don't you weep and don't you moan 
If I get myself in line 
I will be there in due time 
Cause I'm nine hundred miles from my home. 

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