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Every Time I Look At You Acordes

Blake Shelton

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Every Time I Look At You

(Doug Johnson/Blake Shelton)


Intro: E   B A (x4) 

E                      B      A 
It brings back an old feeling 
E                      B    A 
Running into you like this 
E                          B     A 
I'm really not afraid of hurtin' 
E                            B    A 
But I can't stand the awkwardness 
C#m   B     A     B 
Do I laugh, do I cry 
C#m   B        A        B 
Do I dare look in your eyes 

E       B  
Oh no, here it goes 
My hands start to shake 
    A             B 
My heart's gonna show 
Like the day we met 
        B         A 
To the night you said we're through 
 B                   E 
Everytime I look at you 

E   B A (x2) 

E                         B     A     
You seem to be a bit distracted 
E                             B   A 
I wish that I could feel the same 
E                           B     A 
You never were too good at acting 
E                  B         A 
Baby some things never change 
C#m      B         A      B 
I can't keep from letting go 
   C#m          B      A        B 
It's something that I can't control 


C#m              B                A        B 
You stand there looking sweet and innocent 
C#m             B               A            B  
But how can you be so cruel and confident at my expense 

CHORUS (twice) 

Outro: E   B A (several times) then B E to finish

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