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Don't Make Me Acordes

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Don't Make Me

Capo en el 3er traste

 intro D  D  G  G x 2 
  D                           G 
 Girl when I look at you you look through me like I'm not  

       D                                      G 
 even there, I'm trying not to give up to be strong but 

 I'm afraid to say I'm scared I can't find the place you're 

 G              Bm                       G 
 heart is hiding  I'm no quitter but I'm tired of fightin 

D G Baby I love you Don't wanna lose you Don't make me let D G you go Took such A long time for me to find you don't A G make me let you go Baby I'm beggin please and I'm down A G here on my knees I don't want to have to set you free Don't make me D D G G
D G What if when I'm long gone it dawns on you you just might D G want me back let me make my self clear if I leave here Bm it's done I'm gone that's that you carry my love around G Bm like it's A heavy burden I'm about to take it back are G you sure it's wort it Chorus A G Baby I'm beggin please and I'm down here on my knees A G I don't want to have to set you free Don't make me

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