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Missing You Acordes

Billy Ray Cyrus

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Missing You

Áño: 1998 - Álbum: Love Songs

Tono:  C# Más
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	  CAPO I 
I live for the phone, I die for the mail 
I took your picture right off the nail 
And put it right by my bed, so I can see you instead 
        C                C/G C/B C 
Of the darkness of night 
I hold conversations with you in my mind 
They only tighten this knot deep inside 
And the achin' won't end until I hold you again 
     C            C/G C/B C       
If I only survive 
C F F/C F/E Why did you have to go, why am I missin' you so C F One heartbeat at a time, I'm goin' out of my mind N/C C Missin' you, missin' you
INTRO C I started a letter, I stared at your name C7 There wasn't a line that didn't echo my pain F There was no sound at all but the slow lonely fall C C/G C/B C Of an unspoken tear CHORUS BRIDGE: G F C Life may take us in different directions G F But I'll always end up deeper, deeper in my true affection CHORUS F C Missin' you, missin' you F C Missin' you, missin' you INTRO F C

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