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Missing You

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Capo en el 3er traste

G                         A      D  
I came out here trying to make a dent 
G                  A     D  
Trying to sooth my discontent 
G          A         D          G   
L.A wasn't worth the rent I was paying 
G                       A    D 
You'd love the fall in Tennessee 
G                    A        D   
With all the red and gold and leaves 
G                        A     D  Bm           G     
Maybe you could come and visit me, just end up staying 

D D/C# Can you pick up the phone are you ever home Bm Bm/A Can't you hear it ringing baby, doggone G G/F# All you ever say is the same old thing Em Bm G A I'll call you right back leave your number and your name D D/C# You?re a-way out there and I'm a way out here Bm Bm/A Trying to get these dreams of mine in gear G G/F# E7 How I'd love to hear you say you love me too A G G/F# But I keep on missing you D I keep on missin? you
Cookin' up some mac and cheese Watching free channel T.V. I ain't exactly easy street I'm living on Some people think I'm pretty good Like you always said they would I'm putting heart and soul on string and wood I'd tell you about it if I could Chorus

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