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Guess Who

(Jesse Belvin and JoAnne Belvin )

Tono:  B Más
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Introd: B Em (Two times) Bm  

 Em                                     Bm  
(Guess who?)..Where's the girl who hurt herself  last night  
 Em                               Bm  
(Guess who?)..Didn't kiss you and thought she was right 
C            Am7         D                                                       Em  Bm       
Everyone had told me, be careful when he holds me and I was 

       Em                      Bm  
(Guess who?)..Had to listen to all that she hears 
       Em                         Bm  
(Guess who)  Has a pillow that's all wet with tears  
C               F  Am7      D          Em  D                   B          Em  
You were oh, so tender, but I wouldn't surrender  now you're gone 

E Em7     C        D                  G  
I told my friends, he'll never get my heart  
           Em7             D    C        D        F#                    Em  F#7        E  
And when I kissed you..had to resist you said, better go I hurt you so 
G              C                          D  B Em  
Wished you had stayed..but I made you go away 

B     Em                          Bm          B  
(Guess who)  Tried to be much too cool, yesterday 
 B     Em                          Bm  
(Guess who)   Let the boy that she loves get away  
  C                 Am7  
I never should have listened cause now your love I'm   
         B        Em    Bm              Em   B Bm      
Missin'  it's too late..whoah, it's too late.   
Em          B  
  C                 F   Am7        D  
I never should have listened cause now your love I'm   
         F#   Bm  Em    Bm             Em    Bm      
Missin'  it's too late  ohhh, it's too late  ahhhhhhhhh  
G  Em      B           A             Em  
ho-ho  ah, whoaaaaa    yes  it's too late, mmm (Fade) 

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