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Jane (live) Acordes

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Jane (live)

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Intro:  Bbm7   Abm7 Bb        Bbm7    Abm7 Bb     

Bbm7         Dbm7                           
Jane be jane       You're better that way   

Abm7                    Cm7                   Bbm7              Abm7 Bb   
   Not when your trying     Imitating something you think you saw   

Bbm7             Dbm7  
    Jane be jane      And if sometimes that might   

Abm7                Cm7  
    Drive them away     Let them stay there   

You don't      need them anyway   

Ebm7 You're worried there might not be Dm Anything at all inside Cm That you're worried Gm {Gm}-on-{F} Should tell you that's not right Ab Don't try to see yourself G#m5 The way that others do F#6 Fsus4 It's no use
then the outro Verse: Bbm7 But it's your life Dbm7 You can decorate it Abm7 As you like Cm7 Beneath the pain and armour Bbm7 Abm7 In your eyes the truth still shines Bbm7 Jane be jane Abm7 Bbm7 Jane be jane

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