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The Stamp Acordes

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The Stamp

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Am               G  
the stamp  broken up  
Bm                  F  
the prophecy was fulfilled  
Am          G    C      F  
other people crying and vanished  
Am                   G  
if the day does not exist  
Bm                F  
and the night prevail  
Am                     G  
and the return of the Lord  
F             G          Am  
that is being announced  

 Am            G  
and the day not over  
Bm               F  
the prophecy was fulfilled  
Am           G  
and Jesus came  
C               F  
pra rescue us (2x)  


Bm                 A  
and the day not over  
C#m                 G  
the prophecy was fulfilled  
Bm             A  
and Jesus came  
D               G  
for rescue us (2x) 

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