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Getaway Car

Áño: 2002 - Álbum: Audioslave

       F           G        
The first time i saw you   
you were chasing down   
  F       G         Am   
a cyclone all alone in a field   
      F          G                
with rail yardas and clovers   
i kept rolling on   
and never thought    
     G             Am   
you'd wind up chasing me   
C F Em Well settle down, i won' t hesitate Dm to hit the highway E E7 before you lay me to waste Am F Em settle up and i'll help you find Dm E E7 something to drive, brfore you drive me insane
F G Am You're tired of walking and you loathe the ground F G the sidewalk will barely Am F touch your feet and life moves G Am too slowly to hold you down F with ringing hands G Am you take out on me Outro: F G Am So get yourself a car and drive ot all night long F G Am get yourself a car and ride it on the wind

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