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Ole Faithful Acordes

Arnold Eddy

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Ole Faithful

Recorded by Eddy Arnold 
Written by Michael Carr and J. Hamilton Kennedy 
D Ole G Faith-D ful, we G rode the range toge-D ther 
Ole G Faith-D ful, in ev'ry kind of wea-A7 ther 
When your D round up days are D7 over 
There'll be G pastures white with clo-D ver 
For you, Ole A7 Faithful, pal o' D mine.  G  D 
Hurry D up ole fellow 
'Cause the moon is G yellow to-D night 
Hurry up ole fellow 
'Cause the moon is D7 mellow and A7 bright 
There's a D coyote howlin' to the D7 moon above 
So G carry me back to the one D I love 
Hurry up ole fellow 
'Cause we A7 gotta get home to-D night. 
TAG:  Repeat last line of Refrain. 
Source: Eddy Arnold - Cattle Call 
        1963 RCA LSP-2578 


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