Alice in chains ft Pearl Jam

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Alice in chains ft Pearl Jam


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	  Em           G                     Asus2          C 
It's been a long day at the bottom of the hill 
Em G             Asus2  G 
She died of a broken heart 
She told me I was livin' in the past 
Drinkin' from a broken glass 

: Em G Asus2 C I'm alone (I never want to be alone) Em G Asus2 C Now I (Now I turn to face the cold)
I'm alone (I never want to be alone) Now I (Now I wanna turn to travel home) I walked down the other end today Just to catch those last few rays I held out my hand and slowly waved goodbye I turned now, my eyes up to the sky Chorus *Guitar solo* She'll come back to me She'll come back to me All alone in this misery She'll come back to me I held out my hands into the light and I watched it die I know that I was part to play My time, my time to die And never want to spend my life alone

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