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Áño: 2003 - Álbum: The Buffalo Skinners

Tono:  Am Más
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	  1)       Am      C       F       C 
    The midday sky was grey and purple 
        Am       C       F   C 
    At least it wasn't blue 
       Am        C     F      C 
    I want the sky to be the way 
      G        F 
    I am and what I do 
    For I have been a lost and lonely   /* chords for these lines are the */ 
    Sailor on your sea                  /* same as for the first four */ 
    Run aground by trusting signals 
    You were sending me. 
A)  Am C, F C, Am C, F C, Am C, F C, F->G, F->G, G 
2)  The streets are filled with empty faces 
    Nothing here is new 
    It's just the same in other places 
    I have journeyed to 
    I was the first across the water 
    Last upon the land 
    I walked out of the silver mine 
    My pockets full of sand. 
B)  Alone inside my head                /* chords the same as for 1) */ 
    Alone inside my room 
    I feel alone inside my head 
    Alone inside my tiny little world 
    Am, C G, Am, F G, Am, C G, G 
3)  It's not my life in those old pictures 
    Once you threw away 
    For I was always someone else 
    And always far away 
    Walking in the darkest places 
    Where the mission meets 
    Waiting for the ground to open up 
    Beneath my feet. 
B)  ... 
A)  ... 
C)  G, F, Am, Am            /* in C), I strum the bass strings only */ 
    Alone, inside my head 
    Alone inside my room 
    I feel alone inside my head 
      G              F 
    Alone inside my world. 
    I'm alone inside my head  /* chords as in the first four lines of C) */ 
    Alone inside my room 
    I feel alone inside my head 
    Alone inside my tiny little world. 
A)  ... 


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