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Rabbits Are Roadkill On Route 37 Acordes




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Rabbits Are Roadkill On Route 37


Capo en el 1er traste

Intro: Am   G    F   Dsus2   (2x)

Am        G     F   Dsus2    Am     G      F     Dsus 
What once did exist,         now is meaningless 

Am                  G          F               Dsus 
And doesn't it seem funny, how soon you did forget 

Am                     G                      F                Dsus 
All the words have now lost their weight, but I remember, I remember 

Am G Am Desperation, devastation G C Dsus D7sus2 (xx0210) All I truly know (all that I know...) F G Is isolation Am Self damnation G C All life that I'd own Dsus D7sus2 WAS shed AND WORTHLESS NOW!
Am G F Dsus2 (2x) Am G F Dsus What I knew was wrong Am G F Dsus One who lived is gone Am G F Dsus Guess it was just an echo when you would sing my song Am G F Dsus All the notes you'd forgotten now you left abandoned, I remember Chorus Bridge: Am ~ (or play Am G F Dsus) Am F I can hate myself Am F More... More than anyone Am Dsus Em F WILL YOU JOIN ME!? Em F G Am I KNOW YOU KNOW THAT THIS Am Dsus Em F TORTURES ME! Em F G Am HAVE I CREATED THE SUFFERING!? SHOW ME! Am Dsus Em F Em F G Am Or do you happily cut, further in? Am Dsus Em F Dsus Em F G Am To sever what's left inside, that binds me Solo: Am G F Dsus 2x Now all i feel is Chorus 2x Am

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