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Bob Marley

Concrete Jungle


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Concrete Jungle

Áño: 1973 - Álbum: Babylon by Bus

	  Song: Concrete Jungle 
Band: Bob Marley and the Wailers 
Album: Catch a Fire 
Tabbed by: Rob MacGuffie (SubDubLBC@aol.com) 
This is Bass and Guitar Chords too....I am sure there are 
players out there that would like this song, and i mean, why 
just have bass, i can't imagine just a solo bass arrangement 
of this Marley great.  I hope to see more like this from others. 
   Em    Em 
   Em			Am		Em		   Em 
   Em		    Am       D         D 
   C		  Em               C          Em 
   G           G              D 
   Em			   Am		  Em	 
  Em	    Em	   Em      Em 
After this repeat the verse. Then play the  
intro until the end...  


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