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Concrete Jungle

Áño: 1973 - Álbum: Babylon by Bus

	  Em Am Em Em   		No sun will shine in may day today
Em Am D D               The high yellow moon won't come out to play    I said  
C Em                    Darkness has covered my life
C Em                    And has changed my day into night yeah
G G D                   Where is this love to be found
D Em                    Won't someone tell me cause the light
Em Am Em                Must be somewhere to be found
Em                      Instead of a concrete jungle Where the living' is hardest
Em                      Concrete jungle  Man you've got to do your best yeah
Em Am                   No chains around my feet
Em Em                   But I'm not free
Em Am D D               I know I am bound here In captivity
C Em                    I´ve never known happiness
C Em                    I´ve never known sweet caresses
G G D                   Still I be always laughing  like a clown
D Em                    Won't some-one tell me cause the light
Em Am Em                I got to pick myself from off the ground ye-yeah
Em                      Is this here concrete jungle
Em 			I say  what do you got for me now?
Em			Concrete jungle  why won't you let me be now?
			I said life must be somewhere to be found  yeah
			Instead of a concrete jungle  illusion  confusion
			Concrete jungle  yeah
			Concrete jungle  you name it  we got it in  concrete jungle now

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