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Tillsonburg Ukulele tab

Tom Connors


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Tono:  D
	  While a(D)way down in southern On(A7)tario, 
I never had a nickel or a (D)dime to show, 
A fellow beeped up in an (A7)automobile, 
He said, "Ya wanna work in the to(D)bacco fields of... 
(G)Tillsonburg (Tillsonburg), (D)Tillsonburg (Tillsonburg), 
My (A7)back still aches when I (G)hear that (D)word. 
He said, "I=(B9)ll only give ya seven (A7)bucks a day, 
And if you=(B9)re any good you=(B9)ll get a (D)raise in pay, 
Your bed=(B9)s already on the (A7)bunkhouse floor, 
If it gets a little chilly you can (D)close the door.=B2 
I was feelin=B9 in the morning any(A7)thing but fine, 
The farmer said, "I=B9m gonna teach you (D)how to 'prime'." 
He said, "You gotta don a pair of (A7)oilskin pants, 
If you wanna work in the to(D)bacco plants of... 
We landed in a field that was (A7)long and wide, 
With one old horse and (D)five more guys, 
I asked him where to find the (A7)cigarette trees, 
When he said, "Bend over," I was (D)ready to leave... 
He said to pick just the (A7)bottom leaves, 
And don=(B9)t start crawlin=(B9) on your (D)hands and knees, 
Prime your row 'cause you=(B9)ll A7)get no pay, 
For standin=(B9) there pickin=(B9) at your (D)nose all day =8Cround... 
With a broken back bendin' (A7)over there, 
I was wet right through to the (D)underwear, 
And it was stuck to my (A7)skin like glue, 
>From the nicotine tar and the (D)morning dew of... 
Now, the nearest river was (A7)two miles from, 
The place they were waitin=(B9) for the (D)boat to come, 
When I heard some talk about (A7)makin=(B9) the kill, 
I was down the highway and (D)over the hill from=8A 
Now there=(B9)s one thing you can (A7)always bet, 
If I never smoke another (D)cigarette, 
I might get taken in a (A7)lot of deals, 
But I won=(B9)t go work in the to(D)bacco fields of... 
Chorus  (repeat last line to fade) 
Submitted by:  Dennis Hiebert 
               [email protected] 
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