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Tomorrow Ukulele tab

Shakey Graves



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Tono:  G
G C G 
Em C G 
G C G 
Em C 

G                              C                      G    G/F# 
I'm tired of losing, I used to win every night of the week 
Back when sex and amphetamines  
         C                           G 
Were the staples of our childhood physique 
You used to tell me we'd turn into something 
         C                             G    G/F# 
You said life was much better than this 
Oh, but the closest I've come  
To perfection is when you turned around 
To steel a kiss 

Em Oh, but you never trusted tomorrow C G Baby is that anyway to live your life? Em You love the heart of my sixstring, honey C C** G But it's been outta tune for some time
Instrumental bridge G C G Em C G G C G Em C Verse G I love so many women, C G So many women love driving me wild Em Yeah, they say "hey, you, get lost!" C G In complexion and structure of a well placed smile Bridge Em But, baby, you, you never smile G It looks better that way Em ah, ah, ah, ah, Ooooh G Looks better that way
Em But you never trusted tomorrow C G Yeah, well, that's just a problem of mine Em Been thrown around, tried some bad ones C G Honey, oh, and the good ones is a new thing this time Em7 Oh, but you showed me I couldn't be farther C G From the truth of the problem at hand Em Yeah, I could never say "baby, tomorrow, C Oh, I'll be right there! I'll be your
Outro G C G man!" Em C G I'll be your G C G Em C C G man!
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