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From Dancing To A Waltz Ukulele tab

Max Stalling

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From Dancing To A Waltz

Tono:  C
The dance floor was mostly empty 
A steady rain kept folks away 
And the band kept playing waltzes 
Like it was all they could play 
Just one turn around the dance floor 
Made it all worth the call 
                       Am G 
Flooded by the kind of feelings  
G                           C 
That come from dancing to a waltz 
I was in with both feet 
She still rode the fence 
I was what she said she needed 
We?d been off and on again 
Finally later on that evening 
Under street lamp and rain drops 
She kissed me with all the feelings  
That come from dancing to the waltz 
    F            G            Em       Am 
The waltz is the world?s most romantic dance 
F             G                        C 
Those deep in love and those wanting a chance 
There?s things in life that you can?t change fool 
Like when it rains or who you love 
You can dance around pretending  
But sometimes that?s not enough 
So love sick neighbor won?t you listen  
Hear your brother as he talks 
Pay the when she ain?t looking 
To make every song a waltz 
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