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Donna Ukulele tab

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(Ritchie Valens)

Tono:  C
	  (C Am Dm G) Segue por toda a música 
Oh Donna, Oh Donna, Oh Donna, Oh Donna 
I had a girl. 
Donna was her name. 
Since you left me, I've never been the same 
Cause I love my girl. 
Donna where can you be? 
Where can you be? 
Now that you're gone I'm left all alone 
All by myself to wonder and yoam 
Cause I love my girl 
Donna where can you be? 
Where can you be? 
Well, Darling now that you're gone 
I don't know what I'll do 
Cause I had all my love for you 
Oh Donna, Oh Donna, Oh Donna, Oh Donna 
Oh Donna, Oh Donna 
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