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Happiness Ukulele tab

Lee Ann Womack

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Tono:  C
Capo en el 3er traste
Tabbed by: Emrldeyzs 
INTRO:  A   
Down at the lost highway cafe 
I met a man there with a map in his hand 
He said "I'm a little bit confused,  
And I'm not sure where I am" 
He said I'm trying to find this place 
Been trying to get there for a long, long time 
Then he smiled and looked away, 
and asked me if I'd heard of happiness 
D I told him that it just might take a while A Maybe some years, and a lotta miles Bm D Go down the road to you hit partyville A Don't stop unless you're lookin' for cheap thrills D Go past love til you hear wedding bells A Stop and honeymoon, and rest a spell Bm Bm D You might get lost on the way is my guess E A It ain't easy finding happiness
BREAK: A Bm D E A VERSE: A He said I think I understand D I better go before the sun goes down E Cause it's hard to see at night, A And I just don't trust my eyes anymore A I said "goodluck" and watched him leave, D He hit the fastlane, then he disappeared E Just another weary traveler A like so many trying to find his way back home
D There's so many stops along the way A You keep on hoping that there'll come a day Bm D I should have told him but I think he knows A So many places where he shouldn't go D So many souls that get turned around A Lookin' and wonderin' why it can't be found Bm Bm D It's a straight shot past loneliness E A Why can't we seem to find happiness?
Bm Bm D It's easy to get turned around I guess E A D A On the road to happiness
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