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Blue Christmas Ukulele tab

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Blue Christmas

(Bill Hayes and Jay Johnson)

Tono:  G

 G   Am7  G/B  C    Am7 Am7/G Cdim   G 
I'll have  a  blue Christmas  without    you 
 G   Am7 G/B  G7   Dm7  G Fdim  C 
I'll be   so blue thinking    about you 
C  Em7 Gm7 Edim A7 Gm7 Edim A7  Dm Edim Gdim Dm Dm7+ 
Decorations    of red  on   a green Christmas   tree 
D7    Am7  D9  D7    Am7    
Won't mean  a thing, Dear 
D9   G    G/F#  Am7 Edim D7 
If you're not here with me  
 G   Am7  G/B  C      Am7     Cdim    G 
I'll have  a  blue Christmas, that's certain 
G   Am7   G/B  G7   Dm7  G    Fdim  C 
And when that blue heartache starts hurtin' 
  C   Em7  Gm7  Edim A7 Gm7 Cm D7 Cm  
You'll be  doin'     all right                  
Edim  A7   Dm   A7     Cdim 
With your Christmas of  white 
D7/9  G       Dm7 G7   G7/6  C9     C Cdim Dm7 Cdim Dm7 
But I'll have a blue, blue Christmas 
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