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Savior's Here Ukulele tab

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Savior's Here

Tono:  G
Intro: G2 C2 Em7 Dsus4  

Verse 1
C2           G/B 
 You bring hope 
You bring life 
            Dsus4        C2 
Awaken hearts, open eyes 
            G/B               Em7 
With our voices, hear them rise 
                Dsus4                C2         
We call these dry bones to come alive 
            G/B              Em7 
You are faithful, You are true 
We can always run to 


   Love that never fails 
   Arms that never close 
   Blood that covers sin 
   Grace that never ends 

G2 C2 You have saved us, You have won Em7 Dsus4 Sin is broken, death is gone G2 C2 Freedom's found us, breakthrough's near Em7 Dsus4 In Your presence, no more fear C2 Our Savior's here G2 Our Savior's here
Verse 2 C2 G/B Faith is stirring Em7 Hearts are free Dsus4 C2 Chains are broken when we believe G/B Em7 You are mighty, You come through Dsus4 We can always run to Bridge C2 Hallelujah G Hallelujah Am7 Em7 Dsus4 Hallelujah, Our God Saves Tag You save us You free us You heal us You?re our Savior You opened the blind eyes Heal our sickness You alone Gave me a new life Our Savior?s here
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