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California Ukulele tab

Josh Ritter

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Tono:  D
	  Capo on 2 
C           Dm 
going out to California 
G          C       C/B      Am 
gonna let the water warm my clothes 
im alone but im not lonely 
G              G7              Am 
gonna trade the weather for the Western coast 
don't cry 
i'll be back and i'll 
C     C/B       Am 
bring the sun to shine 
in your eyes 
G                 G7 
on your shoulders 
sunset boulevard will strip for money 
mulholland is a long drag for the lonely hearts 
down along the imperial valley 
runs a river of homelessness and cinema stars 
don't say 
the trip's been done 
a hundred thousand times 
cause this one 
is mine 
so i will work at what work finds me 
and i will take what comfort i can get 
i'll be back when im good and ready 
California doesn't seem to think im ready yet 
it's alright 
i'll be back and i'll 
bring the sun to shine 
in your eyes 
on your shoulders 
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