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This guys in love with you Ukulele tab

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This guys in love with you

Áño: 1990 - Álbum: The Beat of the Brass

Tono:  D
	  D           Gmaj7       Bm7       D        Em7   C 
You see this guy?  This guy's in love with you 
D           Gmaj7     F#       F#7     Bm          
Yes, I'm in love--who looks at you the way I do? 
Am             D7             G              Gm 
When you smile I can tell we know each other very well. 
    F#m   Bm           Em     A7  A   A9          A7 
How can I show you I'm glad I got to know you, 'cause: 
D               Gmaj7      Bm7     D         Em7      C 
I've heard some talk; they say you think I'm fine. 
 D          Gmaj7      F#      F#7    Bm 
Yes, I'm in love...and what I'd do to make you mine! 
Am           D7              G             Gm 
Tell me now, is it so? Don't let me be the last to know. 
    F#m       Bm             Em     A7    A   A9          A7 
My hands are shaking; don't let my heart keep breaking, 'cause 
D           Gmaj7 D           Gmaj7  D     F#m       Bm 
I need your love,  I want your love;  say you're in love 
Bm7/5- E7            A6     C#m7     A7 
                  007670  006654   575655 
In   love with this guy; 
 A7              ||: Dm7  -   Gm7 :|| 
If not I'll just     die.                      

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